Market watch & test device recommendation

For app developers market share of operating systems and devices is important information. A lot of Dutch developers want to target the Dutch market. However the numbers published by the big firms are usually worldwide or U.S. only. Luckily you can make quite good predictions for the Dutch market based on telecom providers and phone shops. The phones they heavily promote and advertise are more likely to be sold. Also for tablets it is possible to obtain numbers because large online retailers publish lists of best sold tablets. Based on the prediction which phones are sold the market share of sold devices can be determined. Mind you that’s not the actual market share of devices owned by people. For that figure I need to build a least a history of two years. Since some manufactures of popular devices like Apple have a limited range of devices these numbers are corrected to obtain a better view on the Dutch market.

Another nice thing about this approach is that fact that i’m able to make a device recommendation for testing your apps. Of course it necessary to build history here too for a complete picture. Remember you have to support the devices people buy today for about two years and for tablets maybe even longer. On this site I will publish my market watch and device recommendation each quarter. The list of devices is created based on a mix of operation system, os version, screen size, processor speed and manufacturer. The list will give a good coverage of those aspects to ensure your app will work on most devices. The list not only shows which devices you need but also how long you should keep them alive for testing. For some operating system like Apple you need make sure that the devices contain the operating systems you want to support.