Market watch & test device recommendation september 2013

This is the second market watch post. So, what’s changed from the previous quarter? These are likely to be the trends:

  • Sony and Huawei are gaining smartphone marketshare (devices added on test device recommendation list)
  • Apple gains a little with the iPhones (clearing iPhone 4 stock?)
  • Samsung drops a little (no new exciting models?)
  • Android 2.3 is now almost finished (but we need to support it at least another year in development)
  • Windows Phone remains stable but shifted from high end (Nokia 920) to low end (Nokia 520 & Huawei W1) smartphones
  • Blackberry Playbook is dead
  • Asus and Samsung are the winners for Android tablets
  • iPad keeps it large marketshare
  • Windows RT is losing marketshare despite price drops

Based on the offerings from Dutch telecom providers and (online) shops the following market share prediction can be made for smartphones:



And for tablets:




And of course the second edition of the list with recommend test devices you should use a minimum to test their mobile apps on the different platforms. This list will be enhanced each quarter.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.45.11 AM